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Board of Directors


Adam Bdoyan, MBA

Elected 2020

Term expires 12/31/25


Richard FuntPh.D.

Founding Board Member

Term expires 12/31/27


Shirley Funt, M.Ed.

Founding Board Member

Term expires 12/31/26


Robert Moore, Esq.

Elected 2018

Term expires 12/31/28


Michael Ridge, PE

Elected 2019

Term expires 12/31/24

Team Leadership

Joe 1.jpg

Joe Clase, AICP


Joe was a founding board member of the Armenian Children's Support Fund.  After assisting to establish the organization and author a strategic plan under the Board's direction, he was appointed in 2021 as the Board's Administrator to maintain and implement the goals and objectives of the strategic plan.  Joe was born and raised outside the small agricultural town of Ashley in the United States.  He has a Master of Public Administration from The Ohio State University and is Principal of a consulting business promoting conservation of our natural resources through land development projects.



Marine Galstyan, MPA

Program Coordinator

Marine was born and raised in a small village on the border Armenian province of Lori and is driven by the importance of supporting children in their desire to receive a decent and equal education. After joining our team in 2021, she guided the establishment of our Learning Center and Garden Project in Lukashin, which she manages today. She graduated from the Faculty of International Relations and completed a Master of Public Administration program. She has valuable experience in organizing Armenian business projects, coordinating charitable programs and working with government agencies. Marine also serves as a lecturer in the Management department at the Armenian-Greek College.


Our Learning Center & Success in the Village of Lukashin

Demonstration of Student Project

Various student projects are presented to our classes, so other students can learn from the outcome of research from their fellow students.  The video posted here is an example of a demonstration of a student project in our learning center.  This presentation was on the importance of plants and the student was presenting the outcome of her research to follow students.  Thanks to support from our project coordinators, educators and members we are able to provide technology in the classroom that makes this experience unique for students.



Uplift Armenia Project, Part 1

Uplift Armenia Project, Part 2

Uplift Armenia Project, Part 3

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